New Ammiki Art Print – Called ‘SOUND’

Abstract modern contemporary art print, circles and crosses, light green and pink


This a new art print by me under the AMMIKI range.

It’s an abstract contemporary print, using soft pink and blues, with bold circles and crosses. You can purchase either an 8×10″ or A3 version on Etsy


Paris – Rodin Museum – June 2013


I am just going to start posting some of my favourite places and spaces of my I travels to Europe in June/July last year. I had all these great thought out posts in mind but I don’t think I will ever get them done, so it’s better just to write something than nothing at all. I also want a place to document my journey so I don’t forget all the great memories. I stayed roughly two weeks in Paris and I have to say it was my favourite cities I visited. There was just so much to do and see and the French are so theatrical.

Rodin museum was definitely up there as one of the best museums I visited in Paris. You would never imagine that this museum is tucked in between the bustling streets of Paris. It was like you walked into a scene from the ‘secret garden’.

Rodin’s sculptures were just lovely, but for me the actual surroundings were just as important. It was a very peaceful and visually stunning place to visit and I highly recommend visiting the museum if you go to Paris. This was not an overly busy museum, which was just perfect. The Louvre was a different story.

I just realised the last picture of the sculpture looks like the man is sticking his finger up! Lol.


If you are planning to travel to Paris and want to visit a lot of museums then I recommend the ‘Paris museum pass’. I  mainly used it to go back to some of the museums I really enjoyed.  The ticket is valid as soon as you purchase it and depending what pass you purchased (2, 4 or 6 days) it will run out after the days specified (consecutively). So you need to purchase the pass on the day that you are going to your first museum. Also make sure that the museum that you are wanting to visit will be open, some museums close on certain weekdays as well as on the weekends. The good news is that some of the museums are open late on certain days, which is very handy indeed. Pompidou tends to be open on most nights till about 9:30pm.


Nomuu Bunny Boy One Piece suit giveaway – winner



Thanks for all your wonderful comments. Sorry I couldn’t reply to all your comments. Anyway…drumroll the winner is 

Olivia Cammaroto!

Woot!! I will try and contact you via Facebook. Otherwise you can email me at

There were 88 entrants who participated, because you needed to both ‘like and comment’ to be part of the draw (outlined in giveaway post).



T-shirt Giveaway Winner


Apparently you’re not supposed to announce giveaway winners on Facebook when using random org.

So I am doing it here. There were 65 entries that qualified, by both liking and commenting (you had to do both). I also included the email signups in that number (so I didn’t forget about that).

I should thank you all for participating, you gave me great food for thought, from colours to positioning, to extra elements.

And number 35 was selected from random org which is….drumroll Simmone Star! Congrats!!! Please email me your details at







Nomuu Cushion are In – Taking Pre-orders Now.


Hi there, this is just a quick note to say I have a new item in my range. The Nomuu ‘Bunny Girl With Circles’ cushion. It’s 16×16″ you can view it over at my shop. I think it’s going to be quite popular, just judging on the responses so far.

In my shop at


I’m such a Kid!

I was looking for props for my art prints shoot, and I just couldn’t stop going back to  on Etsy. Ok…so maybe it wasn’t just for the props! I am a big kid at heart. I’m just drawn to her work!

Look how cute she is! Can’t wait to get her.


Donkey sculpture




Two New Art Prints – AMMIKI




Just a quick note to show two new designs which are up on Etsy. Just a simple abstract shapes modern art prints.


A New Blog Design to Match some new art prints


Hellooo! It’s been such a long time since I have blogged. To be honest I just hated the look of my blog, so I felt uninspired to write. How silly is that? I don’t want to write because my blog doesn’t look pretty?  Sad but true.

Anyway, hopefully I will be inspired to write more. If not well that’s ok too.

I’m really hanging out to write about my guide for travelling solo in Paris, because it was an awesome but a daunting experience. However, I learnt so much on how to travel through Paris (on my own)…especially since I spent 2 weeks there in total, so I really felt like I got to know the city pretty well.

Anyway, before I do that I thought I would just dedicate my first post to my new prints. I hope you like them? I am trying to do more sets and add more boy art prints. I know that’s what a lot of you have been asking for. I’ve also added multiple colorways because…well I am too indecisive, and so why not just add multiple colours?

I’m finding out a lot about myself as an artist, and that is I am a terrible experimenter. I just love going off on tangents with design. I think I am going to embrace it though. I mean if that’s what my mind like to do, well who I am to say ‘don’t do it’?  It seems to be a strong trait in me and well I just have to embrace it, rather than fight it.

So hopefully you enjoy this series. I think they are very cute, whimsical and simple. Oh and the nice things is I am rolling out A3 prints. I think there is a trend for larger prints in interiors. I am seriously considering even larger prints! Also I will be doing Markit @ Fedsquare in November, so I wouldn’t mind some really large poster size prints to sell there.

At the moment the prints are just on Etsy and