Concept and Principles

Ammiki is a curated site, that gathers inspiring images and sites from handmade, collaborative independent artists/designers and small businesses from around the world.

We not only embrace independent designers but also collectives and small business as well

The core essence of handmade is something created by hand and with love. We believe in that philosophy, wholeheartedly!


However, Ammiki is a little bit different from most handmade, independent galleries. How so, you may ask? We embrace not only handmade works, but also designs that are created through collectives, cottage industries, collaborations and small independent businesses with up to 5 employees, with fair work and pay conditions.


We don't embrace mass production, or poor work conditions, but what we do believe in embracing change and growth, so one can make a living out of their passion. To do this, one needs to utilise their best skill set and if need be collaborate with others, to come up with a great product.


Why working collaboratively can be positive!

Collaboration is great for bouncing off ideas, allows one not to feel so isolated and increases socialising, mentoring and teaching a new skills to others, contributing to a bigger picture... such as giving back to the community or others, allows for change in work environments by building an ethical business.

Do you embrace change?

If you are supportive of change, and understand that artists and crafters may decide they need to evolve to survive, then "Ammiki" will be a great place for you to contribute to. Make sure our philosophies align with you before contributing.


Want to help out?

Even though I say "we" above, it's really just a "me" at the moment. I love collaborating, so if you have any suggestion or want to contribute to the site in other ways I would love to hear from you.

My blog I also am the creator of nomuu messenger bags.


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